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Benefits of Counselling


As we journey through life we naturally come to crossroads and transitions, which bring up broad range of issues.  We may have very busy lives; we may have lots of people in them; we may have no one. No matter what situation, we don't have to face it alone, when help is within reach or click on the computer keyboard.


Consider counselling if you would like to:


  • improve coping with anxiety in uncertain times

  • have greater self confidence

  • improve your relationships

  • regain emotional balance

  • increase self esteem

  • get stress relief

  • find trauma resolution

  • cope with grief and loss

  • feel greater connection to yourself and others

  • increase ability to set boundaries

  • gain effective communication skills

  • increase creativity and overcome blocks

  • boost assertiveness

  • improve intimacy


Counselling services are provided in English and Polish

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